This week we are allowed to publish an article, that wasn’t written by Conny or me, for a change. Last week we welcomed an unbelievably lovable instructor couple into our team: Boris & Yvette. Boris is an Argentinian Tango dancer (and teacher) and Yvette is his Partner (and fiancé) from Switzerland. What a mix, eh? 😀
We are very happy and feel honoured to have them as part of our dancing family!
During many deep conversations on dance, I realised the two of them have a loooooot to say about dance, and that we can learn a lot from each other.
Then it was very clear to me: I had to ask him to write about his perception of Tango.

And here it is – give it up for Boris Maidanik: 😀


“When Dado asked me what Tango is for me, we thought it would be a good idea to write it down,  for me to put some thought into it and share it not only with him, but with you.

The tango music as we know it was born of a great deal of emotions of people that lived through a huge change in their lives. It was a very interesting and difficult time in the world during the first half of the 20th century: Argentina held a promise for a brighter future and many people left their life behind to come to this new world. This mix of different cultures with the Criollo* shaped the Tango into what it is today, with its lyrics, melodies and stories.

I have a great amount of thoughts in my head, and writing has not always come easy to me. As soon as I see the words on the screen, it feels like they are there to stay, they are not flexible any more.
I believe that we live by a set of core ideas in life. But thoughts and feelings are highways with different views of landscapes, which we are travelling on at the moment. Like any landscape it can change. So what I am about to write now is a mix of some of my core ideas and the landscape that I see today with my partner.

Tango dancing has brought many positive things into my life. Things like the embrace, that allows me to feel my partner and myself. Posture that gives me a stronger presence and stand in life. Friends that I meet along the way and make my life so much richer.

I love tango music and its lyrics, they are full of melancholy but at the same time they are seductive stories filled with passion. In those lyrics I find a great inspiration to dance. In my own way I try to interpret those emotions that they are talking about.

Tango lives in the warmth of its embrace. I believe that the Tango embrace is something worth spreading and sharing, for it holds healing properties. An embrace can give you and tell you so much in just a second. It is by far one of the most beautiful and addictive things I will ever try.

During my training I became interested in understanding how my muscles work together. I see their connections as roads on a map and believe that if we take the time to feel it, it will take us physically, emotionally and artistically to the place where we want to go.

As a dancer, as a teacher, as a person, I am always interested in learning and improving my skills because I have fallen passionately in love with Tango and there will be always something new to learn about it or a new feeling to discover.

Teaching allows me to search for and explore these many roads. I have learned how to explain the dance in different ways. For me, Tango is a language spoken within the phrases of our own individual body language. This is why no two people learn the same way. Everybody has their own highly personal “dialect”. Each their own expression.

I always make an effort to pass on the information and the technique to the students in words that they can understand and translate into their own body language.


Tango has become the language that I chose to speak to my partner. The voice of my body.


I welcome you to join me in this journey and keep discovering these roads together.”

Boris Maidanik

*Criollo: Men or Women with European roots born in a Latin American country.