This Salsa Snack is a special edition for our ladies!
People (ladies) often ask me how I can implement ladies’ styling and footwork variations into a dance with a partner.

This short video is here to give you a little peek into one of the many possibilites. In this case I’d also recommend watching the Salsa Snack #14 first, because the leaders also need to give us ladies the space for these variations.

When you dance Salsa on 1, it’s mainly the beats 1, 2 i.e. the rock step backwards that give you the opportunity to change or add something.
In the “standard moves” there’s not much that happens on these beats. Therefore that’s the best opportunity to exchange then for a tap or a little ronde or a flick.

It’s IMPORTANT to be ready to set off into the next move, the man might lead us into, on 3. That means it’s important to be sure, fast and flexible. This is why I would definitely recommend practising these variations on your own and with music first.

Another little tip of mine… incorporate them into your shines and use the next dance night, as soon as you’re sure about it, to surprise the men with it.

But please be careful and watch to see if the man actually gives you the space you need. 😉

Please don’t hesitate to ask me if you have questions… in a comment, an email, or just ask me personally!

I too look forward to hearing your feedback on whether or not you can use these variations! 😉

Well then.. have fun!