In this article /video Conny and I will answer a few important questions that festival-visitors often ask. It’s the first part of a 2-part video.

Our dance school organises 4 festivals a year (Salsa, Swing, Tango & Kizomba), that we lovingly call GRAZy festivals, Our answers are of course based on our own festivals, but at the same time we try to give more general answers, to show what it’s like at other festivals…

We hope to be able to help some of you, who might be wondering if a dance festival is the right thing for them. In Addition to that I’ve listed 5 reasons you should visit a dance festival, in this article.

Here’s the timetable of the questions, so you can “jump” straight to the question you’re looking for. 😉

* 00:25 – What is a festival? What can I expect from it?

* 01:10 – Can I visit a festival on my own or do I need a fix dance partner?

* 01:54 – Can a complete beginner take part in a festival?

* 03:15 – What is a bootcamp?

* 04:17 – Do I have to register for each workshop seperately? Or can a choose workshops spontaneously?

* 05:58 – Can I go to the parties as a beginner or are there only Profis there?

* 07:02 – How do you register for a festival?

*07:47 – What are promo codes? And how do I get one?

* 08:51 – What do the Terms “beginner”, “improver”, “intermediate”, “advanced”, “open level” mean?

* 12:02 – What can I expect at the parties?

Expectations can influence our fun immensly, I believe. In one direction or another. We all know that. 😉
This Q&A – Session should help you go to the (GRAZy) festivals with the right expectations and a great portion of positive anticipation. 😉

Go to a dance festival, enjoy yourself,

Dance And Make A Difference