Follow the follower and become a better leader

No, that's not a play on words, not a riddle or anything similar... even if it sounds like one.  ;-) In the world of leadership and management literature there are many world-famous coaches that say the best and most effective leaders don't work with an authoritarian, controlling and dictatorian leadership style. On the contrary, they have a leadership style that motivates and inspires their teammates and lets them become the best version of themselves. Of course we could start a big discussion about this - but we're not going to! ;-) We're just going to take it as it is, [...]

(Deutsch) Blues Snack #1 – Blues Basics

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10 reasons you should definitely dance Blues!

Blues - the one Social dance that you probably start to "really dance" the fastest ... I know that's a strong expression. And it's also very subjective. I should probably define that expression "really dance" better. Most of all I mean dancers feel free and can move and "groove" in a dancelike fashion within their partner's frame. That's what I call "dancing in a dance". Because, in general, you would also call steps that you "absolve" in a frame, that are just strict and without any upper body movement (without the groove), dancing. But with this groove, the whole thing [...]

What to do if my partner is dancing off timing?

It has probably happened to all of us before now: dancing with a partner who has problems with the rhythm. That usually puts a great strain on the dance, the connection and the flow. Can I do anything about that? Of course you can! And you even have to! In Social Dance there are situations that you have complete control over, some that are just out of your hands, and some, that you can at least influence a little bit, if not possibly take over a bit of control. Our Partner's feeling for the rhythm is quite definitely part of [...]

How do I find the “1” in Salsa?

Easy... the 1 is right at the beginning! ...kidding... I'm quite serious - it's probably one of the biggest challenges for many Salsa dancers. Especially for those who are less experienced or not as trained in hearing music. Why is it so important to start on a specific beat? There are many reasons for that, that again could fill a whole new article. At this point I just want to say this much: I'm sure you want to be inspired, moved and carried by the music you dance to? And I bet it's important for you, to have the best [...]

Why should I dance for half a song?

And I don't mean: "Hey, do you want to dance half a song with me?" or just turning around in the middle of a song and leaving. No. Obviously I mean the second half of a song... Aaaaaaah.... Now we've cleared that up we can move on to the rest can't we? ;-) Dancing just half a song with somebody can have great benefits. And there are no downsides. At least I don't know any. If you think half a song is too short, I'll tell you THE solution to that: just dance the next song with the same partner. [...]