Who am I? A puzzle

Now here's something completely different... Conny was playing around with her creativity and this little puzzle is what came out in the end. We're very curious at which point you solve it and what your answer is. You're welcome to comment on it too. We'd really love that. ;-) I am you, my existence comes into being because of you. I am the expression of your desires, your abilities but also of your greatest fears. Through me you can connect with yourself and other people on a very personal and intimate level. My communication doesn't need words, yet it is [...]

Do we need to set goals in social dance?

This is an article I wrote (and published) exactly a year ago and I'd like to refresh it a bit here. Because just like last year around this time, I'm running the Graz Halfmarathon. That's great for you...but how is that related to Social Dance? A good question... Nothing! And at the same time, everything!  Depending on how you look at it. Life is a dance. The way you live is the way you dance! And vice versa. The one thing can and should profit from the other. And at the end of the article is the actual connection to Social [...]

Focus on your strengths and not only your dancing will profit!

If you had to name your weaknesses and your strengths, how long would it take for you each of them? If you're just a little bit like me (and like most other people), you'll have named 10 weaknesses in no time whatsoever. But if you think about your strengths... it usually takes us a lot longer... We ponder, we think about it, are unsure about it, question it three times before we actually dare to say it out loud. Right? Come on... Why is that the case? Of course there are various reasons for it, but the two most important [...]

Conny & Dado – the story of how we met

Today is Conny and my 12th wedding anniversary! Yes, she's put up with me for that long already. Yes, she's a saint! (Conny's protesting loudly right now :-D ) And yes, I'm soooo lucky!! :-D But it also makes you think. You realise that, lucky or not, this time we spent together didn't just happen by chance. We wanted it that way, even if we didn't always say so to ourselves or to anyone else. Today I'd like to encourage you and all the other readers to seek and embrace the slightly different. May that be an opinion that's not the [...]

Pros and Cons for learning different dance styles

Variety in Social Dance can really only be an advantage. Or maybe not? The favourite response for all so-called experts is: It depends! In reality there really are advantages and disadvantages. And they again depend on the perspective, what do you expect from Social Dance and where do you want it to lead. Do you want to really immerse yourself in one dance style, inhale it, breathe it, and experience it inside out? Or do you love the flexibility and the "situation-elasticity" of the variety of Social Dance, so you've always got a "dance up your sleeve" that you can [...]

7 paths to effectivity in Social Dance

Most of us live from one day to the next. We fight our way through our everyday lives and hope that the universe or some other "higher power" has something good in store for us. Of course we all have hopes and dreams and desires we want to fulfil. Somehow we also secretly hope they might just come true on their own or that that "higher power" helps us get there. The bad news first: If we don't make ourselves try and give everything in our power to reach our life goals, it most probably will never happen. At least [...]