Conny & Dado – the story of how we met

Today is Conny and my 12th wedding anniversary! Yes, she's put up with me for that long already. Yes, she's a saint! (Conny's protesting loudly right now :-D ) And yes, I'm soooo lucky!! :-D But it also makes you think. You realise that, lucky or not, this time we spent together didn't just happen by chance. We wanted it that way, even if we didn't always say so to ourselves or to anyone else. Today I'd like to encourage you and all the other readers to seek and embrace the slightly different. May that be an opinion that's not the [...]

Pros and Cons for learning different dance styles

Variety in Social Dance can really only be an advantage. Or maybe not? The favourite response for all so-called experts is: It depends! In reality there really are advantages and disadvantages. And they again depend on the perspective, what do you expect from Social Dance and where do you want it to lead. Do you want to really immerse yourself in one dance style, inhale it, breathe it, and experience it inside out? Or do you love the flexibility and the "situation-elasticity" of the variety of Social Dance, so you've always got a "dance up your sleeve" that you can [...]

7 paths to effectivity in Social Dance

Most of us live from one day to the next. We fight our way through our everyday lives and hope that the universe or some other "higher power" has something good in store for us. Of course we all have hopes and dreams and desires we want to fulfil. Somehow we also secretly hope they might just come true on their own or that that "higher power" helps us get there. The bad news first: If we don't make ourselves try and give everything in our power to reach our life goals, it most probably will never happen. At least [...]

Follow the follower and become a better leader

No, that's not a play on words, not a riddle or anything similar... even if it sounds like one.  ;-) In the world of leadership and management literature there are many world-famous coaches that say the best and most effective leaders don't work with an authoritarian, controlling and dictatorian leadership style. On the contrary, they have a leadership style that motivates and inspires their teammates and lets them become the best version of themselves. Of course we could start a big discussion about this - but we're not going to! ;-) We're just going to take it as it is, [...]

(Deutsch) Blues Snack #1 – Blues Basics

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

10 reasons you should definitely dance Blues!

Blues - the one Social dance that you probably start to "really dance" the fastest ... I know that's a strong expression. And it's also very subjective. I should probably define that expression "really dance" better. Most of all I mean dancers feel free and can move and "groove" in a dancelike fashion within their partner's frame. That's what I call "dancing in a dance". Because, in general, you would also call steps that you "absolve" in a frame, that are just strict and without any upper body movement (without the groove), dancing. But with this groove, the whole thing [...]